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Welcome to InterEdu, we are the official representatives of the prestigious Colegio de España in the United States. 


With over 30 years of experience bringing American students to the Colegio de España in Salamanca, Spain we have nurtured and deepened the experience of study abroad for our participants. 

Our student travelers  agree that studying abroad has a significant impact on their college experience, sometimes influencing post graduate plans and giving them confidence to consider options they had not thought possible earlier. International study abroad programs are very exciting and life-changing, but participation also requires a lot of effort on your part before you even arrive in the host country. Our mission is to facilitate all aspects of the study abroad experience for our students.


We have created this page as a reference for you. This page contains important information about the variety of programs offered by the Colegio de España, excursions, faculty, as well as detailed procedures and schedules. It includes resources and information that will assist you during the pre-departure and orientation process. Additionally it includes information necessary to complete the study abroad application and deadlines and required to remain eligible to participate.


Due to recent events, we have also included information on Safe Travel Gudelines during COVID-19,  and procedures (such as academic information) for you to use once you arrive on-site. 


We hope the information provided in this page will help you to begin to prepare yourself for this significant experience. InterEdu and the Colegio de España are committed to being your mentor and coach throughout this process. Each of us studied and/or lived abroad and understands the excitement and anxiety this brings. 


We look forward to working with you and helping make your experience part of the long-standing tradition of study abroad at the Colegio de España 


We really hope you will work with us to make your study abroad the most memorable experience of your life!




Carlos Arboleda, Ph.D.

Director and founder of InterEdu.


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